Weird & Wonderful Vol 9: Sex Chromosomes Overridden in Bearded Dragons [Pogona vitticeps]


Perhaps not a weird, but definitely a wonderful species, some insights have been uncovered on the complex genetic and environmental mechanisms that affect the reproductive systems of beardies.

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The World’s Rarest Tortoise [Astrochelys yniphora]


We look at the plight of the ploughshare tortoise, an endangered Madagascan species. This article featured in our first ever issue of EK.

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Return of the Cupola “ghost” gecko


A dedicated team have rediscovered a rare gecko in New Zealand which had previously only been seen twice in 5 decades; a shining ray of hope for endangered and 'data deficient' species.

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Weird & Wonderful Vol 8: Pangolin [Pholidota]


A wonderful creature and all-around bizarre little mammal, the pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world.

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