Weird & Wonderful Vol 11: Feather Stars [Crinoids]


Read about the unusual feather stars - Echinoderms that start life on a stalk, like a lily, and become mesmerising drifting adults.

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Weird & Wonderful Vol 10: False gharial [Tomistoma schlegelii]


You may have heard of gharials, but did you know there is a close relative - the false gharial? Tomistoma, as they are also called, are endangered in the wild as well.

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Zoo Highlights: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and the National Parrot Sanctuary


Our conversation with Steve Nichols at the National Parrot Sanctuary, as featured in the December 2020 issue of EK. A must-read article if you are thinking a parrot is right for you!

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Internet Insights: JTB Reptiles


We spoke to Joseph of JTB reptiles, regarding his fast-growing YouTube channel and social media presence, and how this may evolve for him and other content creators within the hobby.

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